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Across the Board

“This policy applies across the board”. Across the board is a common phrase, it means “generally applicable” or “the general rule” which is not a surprise, you can deduce it from the original words. When I read it in a … Continue reading

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Be Happy at Work

Some days it seems like a tall order; with competing priorities, looming deadlines and demanding emails. How can we be happy at work? And how can we help those we work with be happier? Apparently it’s easy – in six … Continue reading

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There are a couple of applications I have to use at work that are less than user-friendly. One is the system used for performance reviews for my team – this is particularly problematic because I only use it a few … Continue reading

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Perfect Pitch

One of my TV addictions is Dragon’s Den, a show where entrepreneurs pitch to 5 of Britain’s most successful business people, who may invest their own money if the pitch is good enough. Last week’s episode (I’ve just watched the … Continue reading

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YouTube video sends share price falling

It’s a much reported story, Dave Carroll flew United, put his guitar into the luggage, the guitar was damaged, and United were unwilling to compensate him for his loss. He tells the story much better in song on YouTube – … Continue reading

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Hard on the heels of the twitter mass response to the Iranian election protests, comes Twibbon. During the Iranian election protests #IranElection was one of the top trending topics for more than a week and hundreds of thousands of tweeters … Continue reading

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In projects, particularly change management projects the term “milestone” comes up a lot. It’s a metaphorical marker for some measure of progress, usually a marker with some significance. For example in the Obama campaign they needed to get to 1,000,000 … Continue reading

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