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I write about digital strategy, the changing online world, communication challenges and real life leadership. I work at the intersection of communications, technology and business and part of my job is to stimulate the adoption of new technologies in a way that makes business sense.

Just Stop It

Some things are really annoying me in my digital life, here’s a short list of the most annoying. Please add yours in the comments. 1; Facebook, stop giving me a pointless warning page when I click a link It’s a … Continue reading

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My Sabbatical is Over

After 9 months of relaxing, travelling, research and writing my sabbatical has come to an end. Today I start a new job; it’s a new role with a new company in a new industry. I’m excited, I guess I’ll be … Continue reading

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Finance and Innovation

Fast Company listed their most innovative companies for the year, including a top ten for innovation in financial services, companies who are building great things for their customers; new services and new platforms. There were very few on the list … Continue reading

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Do you build satisfaction or happiness?

Not all brands, not all industries, are able to use social media as a brand builder in the same way. I see sweeping general statements in many books, blogs and articles about social media that make me cringe as a … Continue reading

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Starting a Community

Companies have different approaches in who gets to start a community on their enterprise social network; some want to control who opens a community others want to put as few barriers as possible in the way of starting new communities. … Continue reading

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Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement? Employee engagement is often cited as a contributing factor to improved company results, and Kevin Kruse defines it as; Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. Engaged employees … Continue reading

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Hotel Wifi; a charge fiasco

In the last 10 days or so I’ve stayed at 5 different establishments each with a different wifi service. I needed internet to access email messages, research plans for each day, and my current writing projects. My mobile phone would … Continue reading

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