#ESN Playbook

– I presented my interim results at the Social Now conference in Amsterdam – here’s the slide deck.

– The Enterprise Social Network Playbook Survey is still live, it’s about 20 questions, and it will probably take 20-25 minutes to answer. I’d love you to help my research – here’s the survey


Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 3.30.08 PMA lot of companies are working on implementing an ESN (Enterprise Social Network), usually to build collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the company. ING is also on that path, having started back in 2009 they’ve made a lot of good progress and it was one of my favourite projects while I was there. So the writing project I’m now working on is about how to implement an ESN. I’ve given it the working title of the “ESN Playbook”.

Find out more

I publish an “ESN Playbook update” blog post each Friday on progress made, they’re all collected in the category ESN Playbook.

I tweet about it under the hashtag #ESNPlaybook, so far I’m the only one who’s used that hashtag – go ahead and use it, it will make my day.

I’ve also created a paper.li with updates on my project and resources from around the web, it’s weekly and comes out on Tuesday morning. Subscribe to it and get each issue in your inbox.

And just for fun there’s Pinterest.

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