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Just Stop It

Some things are really annoying me in my digital life, here’s a short list of the most annoying. Please add yours in the comments. 1; Facebook, stop giving me a pointless warning page when I click a link It’s a … Continue reading

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Missing Communication

When a friend of mine didn’t answer question on Whatsapp last week, I went cyberstalking. I checked his facebook and found he was in the UK. Not really an excuse, it’s just next door and it’s almost the same timezone, … Continue reading

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The Quiz Abyss

I should live in Paris, I should live in Barcelona. If I were a movie it would be an action movie, but my TV friend group is the Office (and the US version at that). If I were a planet … Continue reading

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Linkedin ads are designed not to annoy you

Have you been annoyed by ads on Facebook lately? You’re not alone. A while ago I was served an ad for a product to quit smoking. I’ve never smoked, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never talked about smoking. Have you … Continue reading

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Social Media is Bullshit

Social Media is Bullshit BJ Mendelson It’s rare that I find myself challenged by a book, agreeing with much of what it says and laughing out loud on my morning commute; this is that book. BJ Mendelson’s stated audience is … Continue reading

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Through the Prism

The US government has being spying on our online activities. That comes as no surprise, we’ve all seen the Patriot Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments Act (FISA), but what is surprising is that it now appears some … Continue reading

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Facebook Privacy – a better format

In a week where Instagram (now owned by facebook) was in the news for changing its terms and conditions, facebook improved its privacy set up by introducing privacy shortcuts. I haven’t found any change to the options available, or any … Continue reading

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