3 More Books

The books I requested from CEO books arrived!

 picture-41 The Word of Mouth Manual, Dave BalterThis is going to be interesting, it’s about word-of-mouth marketing, which is probably the most powerful form of marketing but which may lose all of its power if the consumer feels that he’s being manipulated. I’m curious to see what advice the writer has.
 picture-3 The Life Guide, Robert AshtonSubtitled “10 Things You Need to Know About Everything That Matters” it’s a fun read with lists on all those things you really know you should do – managing money better, finding hobbies, de-cluttering. Their 10 ways to increase your circle of friends includes online social networks, yes, that works, I’ll be meeting a woman for the first time next Monday whom I’ve known online for 3 years. 
 picture-24 Tribes, Seth GodinI’ve already read this, and I think it’s a bit thin. I like “Small is the new Big” but having read “The Dip” and now “Tribes” I’m wondering if Seth Godin’s talent is for riffs and rants, where you are provoked to think, rather than for the deeper analysis that I’d normally expect in a book. With “Small is the New Big” it left me curious and hungry for more, with this it’s just disappointing.

One thought on “3 More Books

  1. I agree with your opinion of the Seth Godin book. I’ve seen some rave reviews of this but when I read it I felt the same as you.

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