Twitter Green Avatars

As a post script to my last post, many people are adding green to their avatars on facebook/twitter in support for the Iran election protests. If you want to change your avatar here are some options;

I’ll add more as I find them. Once you’ve greened your icon you can add it to the greenwall (6550 added so far, and still counting).

Other bits and pieces of interest

  • To view images of the protests, there’s a flickr stream, the images range from hope-filled to gruesome.
  • To see search terms on the rise, here’s a google trends analysis of key terms.
  • To see trends across all social media here’s a collection, and another from Mashable.
  • Amnesty International’s reports are here

Other ways you can help

And a couple of things to watch out for;

  • be wary of the source of information, it seems the authorities are feeding misinformation into twitter
  • do not retweet names or avatars, twitter is being watched – and those tweeters are in danger

5 thoughts on “Twitter Green Avatars

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  2. i have added desktop backgrounds from the green wall – available for download on the site.

    thank you for this wonderful resource 🙂

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