Decide on a Hunch

There’s a new way around to make decisions, Hunch has been launched.

Hunch takes you though a series of questions to make a decision, according to Hunch I should not get a tattoo, will probably like Cyprus, and I should pull an all-nighter.

Once you’ve finished a decision you can say whether you agree with the answer or not, which is lucky because according to the “What gender am I?” decision I’m male. Er, not.

According to Hunch, I'm a guy.

According to Hunch, I'm a guy.

Once you’ve built up a history on the site, answering at least five hunches, and creating at least one of your own, you’ll be able to edit the hunches of others – so I would be able to tell them I’m not a guy just because I see myself as both analytical and creative.

If you register you’ll be asked a series of profile questions that in theory will improve the outcome of decisions, but I haven’t found any difference between results when logged in, vs logged out.

There are some blogs and forums and there’s clearly an attempt to build some community around this.

I see some ads appearing around the content already, which I didn’t see the first time I used the site. My travel to Cyprus recommnedation came with a link to expedia. I hope that doesn’t become intrusive as it has on photobucket and other ‘free’ sites. I’m starting to hope for tiered membership models where a payment would let me view ad-free.

I like Hunch, it’s actually a concept I could see us using at work on websites. It’s fun, and has potentially useful results.


What do you think?

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