Twitter for Executives

It’s the latest fashion, everyone is on it, it’s in the news. Is your CEO on Twitter?

And a tougher question, should CEOs be on Twitter?

Yes – but with a caveat, Mashable has come up with the “5 Habits of Successful Executives on Twitter” (I think they mean 5 Habits of Executives Who are Successful on Twitter, but I forgive them). There list includes

  1. They are their brand’s conscience
  2. They don’t sell they share
  3. They are real human beings
  4. They write well
  5. They commit

It’s a good list, as far as it goes, I’d add that they need to have something to say, and what they say needs to match the brand. Of course the CEO’s personality should already be congruent with the brand – but that’s not always the case.


What do you think?

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