Twitter Annoys Me

I’m probably breaking some unspoken social media rule here but twitter annoys me. Or more specifically the link-goose-chase that some posters send me on annoys me. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about from Guy Kawasaki. He’s by no means the only one who does this but he posts a lot so it was easy to pick up one of his posts.

Step one: The Tweet

Original Tweet, with a link

Original Tweet, with a link

Step two: The Holy Kaw

Guy Kawaski's Alltop interim site

Guy Kawaski’s Alltop site with another link

Step Three: The real meat of the content

The real content

The real content

I have a problem with the interim page, in this  case the Alltop Holy Kaw page. I can see that it generates more traffic and higher awareness of Alltop, but I fail to see the value to me of that extra click. Why couldn’t the link to the real content be included in the original tweet?

What’s your Twitter annoyance?


What do you think?

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