Lists Beta

I was about to close twitter for the night when I saw a banner ad from Twitter inviting me to check out the lists function that’s currently in beta.

It’s a proud moment for me – I don’t usually see any of these beta toys until after the rest of the planet has got personalised invitations.

Picture 9
So I’ve been playing, setting up a list called design with people in it who tweet about design.

So far it seems a little clunky to set up, but once you’ve established a list you’ll be able to be a bit selective about which content you follow directly on the twitter interface.

I’m wondering if it will also be a whole new level of competitiveness on the site – not only can you now look at the number of followers to gauge a person’s popularity but also estimate their expertise by the lists they’re included on.

Fun to play with!


What do you think?

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