Linkedin links Twitter

I’ve found myself thinking “wouldn’t it be cool if your Linkedin network update went straight to Twitter”, and I’m apparently not the only one. The guys at Linkedin thought of it too, and launched the service last Monday. They explain how it’s done in their blog, although frankly I don’t think peanut butter belongs anywhere near chocolate.

Picture 11

updating my status on Linkedin

By checking the twitter box I got a one time connection step to link LinkedIn and Twitter, in which I can specify what is visible from Twitter. I’m not sure if it’s accidental or because I’m in Europe or my internet connection, but it actually took me about 3 tries to get this to work, I got apologetic error messages the first times.

Picture 8

My update appearing on Twitter automatically

My next update on LinkedIn will be fed from Twitter, by using the hashtag #in on Twitter my LinkedIn status will be updated.

That is cool.


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