Your Social Media 360 Profile

Meet Madame Tre Sesti, an exotic steam-punk styled fortune-teller launched by Vodafone.  I’ll let her introduce herself;

Madame Tre Sesti is all knowing, or at least she is once you’ve connected her to your facebook (or hyves), twitter and linkedin accounts. She will assess your personality, your love life, your social health and life rhythm. She looks at the content of your accounts, how often you reply to others’ messages, how active you are on linkedin vs facebook and analyses you thoroughly. Is it accurate? Based on my facebook account she says I’m organised with a tendency to being over-sensitive, maybe she’s more insightful than any of my friends because I don’t think either of those words are the first that people who know me would come up with. But, I’ll cut her some slack, I don’t put a lot of information on Facebook so she didn’t have much to go on.

Language mix up by Madame Tre Sesti

The design of the video and tool are pretty amazing, and apparently there were over 600 film clips made so that Madame Tre Sestri would have an authentic range of comments. This is clearly a big budget campaign, so it seems a shame that Madame is a little schizophrenic on which language she uses. The whole thing was produced for the Dutch market (according to Vodafone) but inexplicably is in English apart from some options and buttons through the site. English is very widely spoken here and I would guess that most of the target audience won’t be bothered by the language issue. But to me it hints at hopes of a global viral effect.

Vodafone’s goal in all of this was to create a sort of portal where you can see all the updates of all your network, if you work right through the tool you will see a 3D graphic representation of your updates. There is also, unsurprisingly, an application that can be downloaded for use on your mobile phone. You don’t have be a Vodafone customer to use the site – its free, and you can use the application on non-vodafone phones, but there are several phone models that were built specifically to handle the application so you will have the best experience if you’re with Vodafone and own one of those models.

And what’s in it for Vodafone? Access to, and information about all your social networks. That’s a goldmine for marketers.


What do you think?

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