Your Identity Online

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 9.17.28 AMIn a meeting today one of my colleagues stated that “your email address is now your identity online”.

I think what he meant was that your email address is the most likely to be used as an identifier with, for example subscription websites. It does have the advantage that you can confirm it.

But what about your identity? I have several email addresses and handles online, only one has my real name in it. From the rest you could deduce my nationality, my interests, a quirky sense of humour and possibly my city of residence.

More accurate than an astrological chart or a Cosmo Quiz.

Image Halloween Mask, 2005 /Huberton/ CC BY-NC 2.0


One thought on “Your Identity Online

  1. Every single webservice tries to be my one and only identity-manager. Whether it is the newly bred service or our fine dutch startup MyNameisE. And since Facebook and LinkedIn offer us the possibility of a vanity URL, that might be serve as our online identity.

    I think it might as well be the Google-searchresults that form our identity. But e-mail…no, that’s an EOL-identifier;-)

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