Google Problem

Rick Santorum has a Google problem. I’d never heard of this guy, I’m not in a position to vote for him, and cursory look at his wiki page indicates I’m not likely to agree with his policies.

I am interested in his Google problem; the first entry under his name leads to what has been termed a “vulgarity”

Googling Santorum's name leads to a vulgarity.This isn’t co-incidence, but a neologism developed in response to Santorum’s violently anti-gay statements.

He knows he needs to fix it; but it’s obvious that he doesn’t know how this works. He used a media opportunity to tell the story of being peed on by a dog. Which got picked up by the media, and is now the 4th and 5th entry on Google. He’s a case study in what not to do in politics in the internet era.

I hope he watches the Rachel Maddow show, because she explains in rather simple terms exactly how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works.

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