Hail the introvert

In this inspiring talk Susan Cain, self-confessed introvert, discusses that she sees as a world constructed for extroverts, and the loss to introverts trying to live and work in that world – along with the loss to the world of contributions from introverts.

As an extrovert who happens to work in a team with a number of introverts I’ve had to learn how to work with them. As it turns out I’ve also learnt from them; I now integrate “thinking time” into my week – increasingly important as my job becomes more complex, and I’ve learnt to listen before throwing my ideas into a discussion. I’ve also developed a sneaking suspicion that I’m not as strongly extroverted as I seem.

There is increasing evidence that open plan offices destroy our ability to concentrate, and evidence that idea generation is not a group activity. So perhaps it’s time for the introverts to take over.


What do you think?

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