Happy Birthday Linkedin

Picture 1LinkedIn turned 10. They’ve produced a lovely timeline of their history to take you through the highlights.

The site has come along way from the early days when functionality was cranky and no-one was there.

In the last year the whole site has been re-designed; it looks sleek, functions well – on all platforms, and is increasingly content-rich. You can a look back at LinkedIn’s past homepages; interesting to see the annual changes that evolved into today’s design.

It’s a site with a future, providing a way for 225 million professionals to collaborate on any subject – I regularly use the groups function to get answers or feedback. And the platform has become a real threat to recruiters as companies can manage more of their recruiting themselves.

When I heard it was 10 I went to check how long I’d been a member (you can find this information under your account settings), and how many people had joined before me (you can find this by checking the number in the URL when you view  your own profile).

I was 1,097,773rd person to join LinkedIn, which seems a lot but puts me in the earliest 0.5% of members. I’ll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my relationship with LinkedIn next year on 13 September. Bring on the champagne!

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 10.01.58 PM

too early to celebrate

birthday cake image; Birthday Cake /Omer Wazir/ CC BY-SA 2.0


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