International Social Media and PR Summit

My highlights of the Best Tweets from 2nd International Social Media and PR Summit at ING House in Amsterdam.

  1. DAY ONE; Opening Keynote from Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications; setting the theme of the importance of storytelling in the new digital communications world.
  2. Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications on stage now #PRSummitING
  3. #PRSummitING live with Mark Ragan’s opening address on brand journalism – its all about the story and how you tell it
  4. Loren Becker from Zappos, talking about company culture, service and Tutu Tuesday.
  5. Next speech from @BigLB from Zappos about delivering happiness to keep employees engaged and customers coming back. #PRSummitING
  6. OMG…@Zappos Net Promotor
    Score #PRSummitING
  7. Encourage all employees to use twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. No rules at Zappos. Rely on company culture to steer behaviour #prsummiting
  8. most of the audience appreciated the definition of culture used at Zappos
  9. For some the “little weirdness” would be too much. (Zappos famously pays recruits to leave if they want to at the end of the induction training – it’s part of ensuring that those who stay really want to work there)
  10. #PRSummitING Tutu Tuesday? I’d take the money and quit Zappos!!!
  11. Christian Porter-Shultz on transforming an Engineering company into a media company – it’s all about the story-telling.
  12. Turning an engineering company to a story telling company. I’m getting curious. Bring it on @cowi #PRSummitING
  13. @COWI is hoping to create a Center of Storytelling. I love that, such a great idea! #prsummiting
  14. Some very honest insights by Christian Porter-Schultz on transforming @COWI into a media company #praise #prsummiting
  15. Part of Porter-Schultz’s challenge has been reducing the costs around the communications function in his organisation, they’ve gone from more than 20 in-house designers to outsourced.
  16. VP Communications Cowi: why hire expensive PR-people if we can storytell through a (cheap)shared service (storytelling) centre? #prsummitING
  17. Cindy Penders from ING, on the lessons learned when ING faced issues on their website. A clear story, and the honesty was appreciated.
  18. In a crisis, acknowledge there’s a problem and that you’re working to solve it. Don’t stay quiet. Speed is essential.#prsummitING #ING
  19. Touché “@rebeccajshaffer: @CindyPenders1 demonstrating great transparency, just loving this session from our host ING. #prsummiting
  20. ING story on disruption. Split between going fast and giving the right information. Lessons learned: be quick & say something. #prsummiting
  21. MTV address multiple audiences, and has lessons for engaging a young audience – to the level of user-generated-content – and some great examples of “stretching” the rules of communication.
  22. As someone who has worked with the entertainment and youth industry, I am most excited for @petervonsatzger #Viacom #MTV #PRSummitING
  23. “future is in video” says the guy from MTV, big opportunity to make content more fun #PRsummitING
  24. #prsummitING normbreaking communication results in hilarious reactions and high PRattention. Creative and inspiring lecture by #mtv
  25. A session on crisis communications from Shel Holtz, the nuts and bolts. I like his observation that the audience is highly emotional – your rational response won’t work.
  26. Any crisis that you have is going to find its way to social media @shelholtz #PRsummitING
  27. “Treat perceptions as facts” and more tips of @shelholtz on How to respons during a crisis #PRSummitING
  28. I wasn’t the only one to note that the examples were somewhat dated, other attendees also noticed that the examples were rather US-centric. It’s a shame, because it detracts from a well-structured and useful presentation… by a hugely experienced presenter.
  29. With all that’s gone on in the last five years why are the crisis examples 10 -25 years old? Puzzling #PRsummitING
  30. To close the day Deirdre Breakenridge on the expanding skills needed for an effective PR professional. Metrics, monitoring and engaging are all updates to the traditional role.
  31. @dbreakenridge Teaching the #PRSummitING crowd on 8 essentials of the future of PR
  32. Social Media is the #1 required skill for PR-people says @dbreakenridge #prsummitING
  33. You have to be a PR policymaker to make sure brand guidelines, strategy are taken into consideration @dbreakenridge #prsummitING
  34. Woooo ‘master of metrics’ mmmm not an obvious fit with PR mindset/personality, but is indispensible these days #PRSummitING
  35. DAY TWO: Start the day with Ryan Penagos (aka @agentM) from Marvel, talking about the sharing of content at Marvel and managing multiple accounts.
  36. Starting today with @AgentM talking Marvel comics and twitter. Yes, that’ll do nicely. #PRSummitING
  37. Robert Downey jr’s Iron Man surprise visit by Marvel (@AgentM) #PRsummitING
  38. Whether you generate the spark that starts the community or simple participate, don’t be shy to jump in says @AgentM of @Marvel #PRSummitING
  39. Managing multiple twitter accounts can mean you end up talking to yourself. Problems at Marvel! #PRsummitING
  40. Good question from @jodykoehler. What happens the account @AgentM if you’d leave Marvel #PRsummitING “No idea”
  41. Lego, Lars Silberbauer
    , Head of Social Media at LEGO Group, great examples of sharing content, and creating opportunities for users to contribute content.
  42. Super prez by @larssilberbauer of @LEGO_group on their social media strategy and tactics. They have their act together #PRSummitING
  43. Seriously, you’re never too old for Lego. Grinning like a kid. #PRSummitING
  44. As an example of content created by fans Lars shared the lego version of the Felix Baumgartner jump;
  45. Fans make such engaging content with lego that the audience here applauded after the redbull jump in lego #PRsummitING
  46. @larssilberbauer I am totally impressed by the way @LEGO_Group interacts with their fans! #lovebrand
  47. Brilliant! Just brilliant this @LEGO_Group customer love, and all that stuff #prsummiting
  48. Customers’ social needs for Lego? Build together; pride of creation #PRSummitING
  49. Lego have social media training in place before an employee can tweet on behalf of the country; it’s a day of training, an exam, and a chance to make a real post.
  50. 300 employees have a “social media drivers licence” at Lego. Can interact in sm on behalf of Lego #prsummiting
  51. Good to see top management Lego get nervous when they need to create Facebook post;) #PRSummitING
  52. Arnt Eriksen on storytelling, branding and twitter dating.
  53. I just loved Arnt’s presentation. Such brilliant storytelling. #PRsummitING
  54. Love the question for DDB about brands annoying consumers by trying to build “relationships”. #prsummiting
  55. Patrick Kampmann on the story behind @sweden, the citizen twitter account used to promote Sweden. A Swedish citizen takes over the account for a week at a time.
  56. A new Swede every week. @patrickkampmann about Curators of Sweden, the world’s most democratic twitter account. #PRSummitING
  57. Now on stage @patrickkampmann talking about The Curators of Sweden @sweden #PRSummitING
  58. Presentation about @sweden turning out to be quite the advert for the country. But you forgot Stieg Larsson! #prsummiting
  59. Surprising facts about Sweden, they dare to mock wikileaks #swedenfacts #prsummiting
  60. Nice one: Wikileaks jumped on the @Sweden account but was ridiculed by its followers #PRsummitING
  61. Scott Monty closed the conference with a presentation showing their campaign and social media history. Some great examples, Ford show good understanding of their audience and target their content. Scott’s presentation was extremely well done.Some amusement as he asked us to use an extra hashtag to help the Ford analytics team. (I didn’t, I’m such a rebel).
  62. Oops, we need to switch hashtags #prsummiting *waves a Ford analyctics team* #ingford
  63. What the internet is doing to our brains? #prsummiting #ingford @scottmonty
  64. The mustang fans isn’t fan of electric cars. So ford has more accounts #ingford #PRSummitING
  65. We do not only have the ability, but also the responsibilty to listen, says @ScottMonty. Fully agree. #PRSummitING #INGFord
  66. possibly my favourite quote of the whole two days
  67. Social Media is not a campaign but an ongoing committment. Thank you @ScottMonty for this! #INGFord #PRSummitING
  68. Former ‘one plan’ now also in social: one social team, one social plan, one social goal. #INGford #PRsummitING
  69. Grannies Mustang in Ford Story #INGFord #prsummiting
  70. My second favourite quote – it’s true, Scott’s slides had the quote and the hashtag ready for use. Talk about shareable content.
  71. A huge thank you to the speakers, the organisers, the antendees – particularly those who tweeted throughout the event.

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