Crunchies Time – the Votes are open

It’s that time of the year – time to vote for the crunchies. It’s always fun to check out the nominees and this year’s crop have some impressive nominees. Here are my votes and predictions for each category. (I didn’t vote in all categories).  Go ahead and vote – you’ve got until 26 January.

Best Technology Achievement
Prediction Bitcoin
It’s been all over the news, all over the world. It’s probably the most successful crypto currency we’ve seen, and it challenges the foundation of the financial industry.
My Vote Planet Labs low-cost satellites
It’s super cool, and super geeky. Three NASA scientists have figured out a way to make small imaging satellites (relatively) cheaply.
Best Collaborative Consumption Service
Prediction Airbnb
The accommodation service that lets individuals rent out their spare room. The service continues to grow, and this year they’ve launched a couple of innovative ads including the first commercial crowd-sourced vine.
My Vote Airbnb
It’s a service I’ve used, and I’ve become a fan.
Best E-Commerce Application
Prediction Warby Parker
I’m predicting this more on the basis of an established brand and fan base than anything else.
My Vote Polyvore
Pinterest meets shopping channel. Dangerous.
Best Mobile Application
Prediction Snapchat
The service of disappearing messages, a favourite of the cool kids, messages are only available to the recipient for 1-10 seconds.
My Vote WhatsApp
All the smart features you want from a messaging service. Plus emoticons
Fastest Rising Startup
Prediction Upworthy
The content collator/publisher that focuses on spreading videos and other content on the “stuff that matters”. Their content is well-shared across facebook, twitter and tumblr.
My Vote Lulu
The self publishing site that could help me get any books I do write published.
Best Design
Prediction Tough call; Yahoo weather looks fantastic and their use of Flickr images is smart. But I think the newer options might win.Exposure by Elepath
Beautiful presentation of contributors’ photos, clever interaction, and visitors vote with “enjoy” rather than “like”.
My Vote Pencil, by 53
It appeals to my inner stationery geek.
Sexiest Enterprise Startup
Prediction ClearSlide
A tool to monitor and improve sales, it looks powerful, it’s used by Starwood, AOL and NASA. Slightly creepy in the inherent expectation that all sales people can optimise at the same performance. But – sales wins.
My Vote Zendesk
Customer communication through collaboration, let your team solve customer questions from all sources in one place.
Best International Startup
Prediction Blablacar
A consumer sharing platform that will do for travel what Airbnb did for accommodation.
My Vote Xiaomi
A Chinese company making products with a beautiful design. Watch out Apple.
Best Hardware Startup
Prediction Oculus VR
3D gaming, geek heaven. I am not a gamer, but I can see that this transforms the game experience, for all games.
My Vote SmartThings
I saw them win the Spark of Genius award at the Web Summit in 2012. Brilliant.
Biggest Social Impact
Prediction Edward Snowden’s NSA Revelations
It forced lawmakers, companies and consumers to think about how we regard privacy. It scared a lot of people who hadn’t thought about how far data surveillance could go. The full impact is still unfurling.
My Vote
Schools can never catch up and build the coding skills into their curriculum, this fills the gap.
Best CEO of the year
Prediction Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors
I’m basing this on two things; share price – which has outperformed all other listed companies in this category and the simple genius of Musk.
My Vote Melissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo
After years of stagnation and confusion Yahoo is finally doing something interesting. Mayer has made bold moves, weathered some bad press, and is making Yahoo a player in digital content.
Best Overall Startup of 2013
Prediction Uber
The darling of media and the VC world, and a service  used by the same audience as crunchie voters. Less beloved by French taxi drivers, but I doubt they vote.
My Vote Kickstarter
I get a kick out of seeing the great ideas – and having a chance to support them. Their funding enabled some of the other nominees to get started.

4 thoughts on “Crunchies Time – the Votes are open

  1. Hi Louise, Nice examples, I would go with Elon Musk and Uber 😉 Marissa is a good CEO but IMHO it is easier to get a once successful company to pivot rather than creating a profitable new company in a highly competitive and saturated market. What is your definition of a startup? Zendesk already started their company in 2007..

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