New Business Cards

bizcardsAs I write this I am job-free. Having worked at the same company for more than a decade it’s been really hard to imagine a new role for myself, but a small thing has helped; new business cards. A friend sent me a link to Moo, and I ordered a set of business cards with creative and inspirational quotes and sketches on the back of them created by the marvellous Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid. Quotes such as;

“driving 200mph on the highway of ideas”

“crazy is the new sane”

“life is short; make it amazing”

I’m working on a writing project connected to digital workplace – it requires creativity, discipline and inspiration each day. All of which matches the quirky humour of Hugh McLeod.

What is amazing is the confidence lift they’ve given me, they’re so much more fun than the regulation business cards once issued by my company. So much more me.

This is going to work out.


3 thoughts on “New Business Cards

  1. Fascinating how this small piece of paper has power on our capacity to change. I do admit that I had the same feeling and did it also to give me a new image of myself. Moo understood this special moment and give a lot of possibilities to achieve this small visible change! Good luck for this new challenge Louise!

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