Your Enterprise Social Network: Who does what?

To fully embed an enterprise social network in a company you need certain roles fulfilled. I’ve described the roles seen as necessary by most companies which have implemented an ESN that I have spoken to. Whether these roles are full time, combined or combined with other work will depend on the size of your company and the purpose of your ESN and the individual communities.

What roles do you have designated in your company? (Scroll down for description of each role)

Ultimate responsibility for the Enterprise Social Network; sets strategy, secures budget, champions the use of an ESN with senior stakeholders.

Executive Sponsor
The executive either at board level or with strong access to the board room who can champion the development and use of an ESN, including the change processes it brings.

Platform Manager (technical releases)
Responsible for managing the development of new features, the launch of new releases, and solving technical issues with the IT department. This role sometimes sits in the IT department, but may also sit in communications.

Community Manager
Community managers are key to a successful ESN, they will not only manage the content and interaction within a community but will also align with a business purpose and seek to add value to the community. I have described the community manager role more fully in an earlier post.

Meta-Community Manager
This person takes a longer term, big picture, strategic view of the future of the enterprise social network. They will be integrating business strategy with the future of the ESN, championing its use with business, sharing best practices, supporting community managers, and collecting input for future developments.

User Support
Answering all the “how can I…?” questions that users come up with.

Technical Support
Finding solutions when stuff is broken.

Communications Manager
Communicating and promoting the enterprise social network, including awareness campaigns on launch, highlighting success stories in other communication channels and promoting its use.

Risk/ Compliance Officer
Responsible for working with community managers and the ESN owner to resolve any issues that may introduce risk to the company or represent a breach of company policy. This could be a technical aspect (eg; data storage) or a content issue (eg; an employee posts customer information).



This post is part of a chapter on risk from the book I am writing called “The ESN Playbook


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