Twitter Basics; The whole series

I’ve been writing a series of blog posts on twitter basics, and figured I’d do the smart thing and compile them into one easy post, complete with dodgy drawings.

If you’d like the whole series in one document, I’ve done that too! Please go to scribd to download my Twitter Basics.

twitterbasics1_crop 3 Twitter Basics

Your profile, twitter conventions and who to follow.

twitterbasics2_crop 3 More Twitter Basics

Your tweets, building a following and twitter etiquette.

twitterbasics3_crop Twitter Basics; Tools

Using twitter, analysing twitter and managing your following. I’ve highlighted some of my favourite tools, but there are new tools every week.

twitterbasics4_crop Twitter Basics; Companies on Twitter

How companies can use twitter for business, some “do’s and don’ts”.

twitterbasics5a_crop2 Twitter Basics; Trolls, fakers, hackers and scams

The dark side of twitter; how to spot the fakers and scammers and what to do.


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