Highlights from the first 14 days

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 20.01.19Starting at a new job is always a learning curve, as I hadn’t done it in a while I’ve kept a journal of things I notice. Here are some of the moments from the first fourteen days.

Day 1 Can I remember everyone’s names? A colleague draws a mini-organogram which helps. Another colleague shows me where the bathrooms are.
Day 2 I take a selfie of myself looking at the company’s new logo for the internal social network – this attracts attention – am I the fastest person to adopt the brand?
Day 3 My first conference call has 72 participants. I understand little of what is said, it’s the detail I have yet to read about.
Day 4 It seems overwhelming, the change process I’m working on is huge – I have a moment of feeling daunted… and then give myself a virtual slap; it’s day four. Anyway there are team drinks at the end of the day.
Day 5 In a status meeting, as we go around the table I start to put together the pieces of what we’re doing and how my work will fit in. In terms of scale it’s like building a colosseum, but it’s digital so completely invisible. I have a long way to go but at least I can see the next steps now.

I go home early, via the doctor – who diagnoses an ear infection. Too much listening?

Day 6 All part of the learning curve; my new work phone is windows… #newjob
Day 7 Find myself interviewing a candidate for a new position. I cheerfully introduce myself, adding “day 7” as an explanation for my new status. Candidate frowns, oh dear.
Day 8 I spend some time digging through the internal social media platform, I’m impressed by the obvious pride people have in the company and the products.
Day 9 Today’s tough work assignment; Playing with Google Glass #geekheaven
Day 10 I have a virtual “one-on-one” with a member of my team who is based in the US. I’ll only see her for about a week every two months, we’re figuring out how to work with that.
Day 11 A proposal comes back with “yes” against most items, but “no, no, NO” against one. As a new person I’m asking a lot of questions. #StillLearning
Day 12 A conversation with some of the legal experts, the issues are familiar. They express relief.
Day 13 Solved a bunch of stuff for a company internal community – more ways for employees to show their pride in working here.
Day 14 The learning curve stretches onwards and upwards, my motivation level is super high. And it gets higher after a conversation with my boss.

At the end of the day I’m on a roof terrace with my colleagues, looking across Amsterdam and sharing a glass of wine. #GreatStart

 Image; 14 Blue / Craig Sunter / CC BY-ND 2.0





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