Social at Philips

I got an assignment as part of our digital team day; 10 slides, 10 seconds each, explain social media, what you have done and what is coming soon. PS; images only, no text.

Challenge accepted!

All but one of the images comes from the Philps Instagram account, where we have instagrammers work on a theme of our choosing, so far we’ve used #LightIsLife, and have just started with #ABetterNow. So here’s the story of social, in images, with the text I used as a basis for my presentation. (Turns out 10 seconds = 2 sentences.)

1 #NewKid

Slide1Social Media is the new kid on the block. Facebook – the biggest platform with 1.2 billion users turns 10 next year. (Image; @aaron)

2 #TheCustomer

Slide2Social Media gives us an opportunity to be closer to our customers – it’s often the first place they meet us, and their first choice of how to contact us. (Image; @aaron)

#The Basics

Slide3We have delivered the basics to the company; social listening and social care via D@S, plus global content sharing. And we’ve started on reviews and ratings. (Image; @aaron)


Slide4Listening is the beginning of quality social media at company level, we can listen to our customers, find ways to solve problems, build conversations and develop insights. (Image; @brahmino)


Slide5Care is essential, it builds trust with consumers. The social care teams around the world handle about 8,000 interactions per month. (Image; @aaron)


Slide6We tell the brand story through our global content channels, and we share that content with markets. Almost as an umbrella to marketing and campaigns. (Image; @brahmino)


Slide7The future builds on this, more great content, developing better ways to share content and testing new uses of social to build business value. (Image; @Philips)


Slide8We do some fun stuff; we’ve tested new tools – such as periscope, held Digital hangouts, and turned an online campaign #lightislife from Instagram into a real world exhibition. (Image; @aaron)


Slide9Success for us is more than KPIs and awards – although we have those. It’s building sales through reviews and ratings, re-use of our content across the company, and the growth of social media within markets. (Image: @aaron)


Slide10I’m telling this story, but Team Social is huge. My team are here today and there are social hubs in almost all markets now. You can join team social by joining a hangout or our internal social community.

Acknowledgement; Big thanks to my colleague Michele Boccamazzo, he’s responsible for our Instagram account, and works with the instagrammers to curate a truly beautiful collection.


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