I’ve Been Blocked!

I’ve been blocked from following @AsiaExpatGuides from my @changememe twitter account.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 11.39.36I have other twitter accounts so I can see that their last tweet was on the 29th of May.

I think it’s because I questioned the veracity of their testimonials, in detail, and pointed out some signs that their company might be a fake. I note that the fake testimonials are back online, you can make a comparison from their page to my slideshare.

It seems the images I’ve identifed as being used fraudulently have re-appeared on the site on the testimonials page. However at one point they did have the logos of various companies on their site and these have been removed – apparently I’m not the only one watching.

I consider Asia Expat Guides blocking me as a badge of pride, but I’m also wondering; is there a fraud office in Singapore?


What do you think?

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